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Medical Waste


Medical Waste Bins

All Medical Waste Australia provides health care professional with a complete,cost effective, environmentally sound contaminated medical waste disposal service.  All our waste bins are sturdy with a safety locking lid to prevent removal or spillage of contents. Waste bins are delivered clean ,fully lined and are designed to meet all safety requirements. Our waste bins are treated according to the standards set by E.P.A. Once collected thay are transported using specially designed vehicles to approved E.PA. facility and are disposed of. 



Cylindrical Clinical Waste Bins 

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • With Lockable Lids via a bar which "clicks" into place over the top of the lid for transportation and carrying.
  • Available in 50L & 36L
  • Stainless Steel Foot Pedal Lid Lifters can be accessorized to these bins





 Clinical Waste - Wheelie Bins

Available in lockable 120 , 240, 660&1100 Litre sizes.The 120 Litre waste bin is suitable for outside storage for medium sized surgeries or clinics. Our 240, 660 & 1100 Litre waste bins are recommended for outside storage, large surgeries,nursing homes ,hospitals and clinics. All our waste bins are delivered clean ,fully lined and are designed to meet all safety requirements.



All clinical waste bins are washed, sanitised and maintained to a pristine condition.