Clinical Waste Bins

Biohazard/Clinical and related waste are classed as waste which has the potential to cause injury, infection and offence to the general population. Sharps, human tissue waste, laboratory waste, animal waste resulting from medical, dental or veterinary research or treatment has the potential to cause disease. Other related waste arising from sources specified by a health facility falls within this category. Related waste is defined as waste within the biohazard/clinical waste stream which constitute, or are contaminated with, cytotoxic drugs, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Definitions include all waste contaminated with human or animal matter originating from any patient care area, surgery, health or transport facility and any autopsy, surgical, pathological, dental and veterinary or laboratory procedure. It includes bone and other tissue, swabs, bandages, blood samples and disposable surgical hardware.


All Medical Waste Australia provides health care professional with a complete, cost-effective, environmentally sound contaminated medical waste disposal service. We provide a range of clinical waste bins and sharps disposal containers for the safe collection of Clinical Waste at the client’s location.


All our waste bins are sturdy with a safety locking lid to prevent removal or spillage of contents. Waste bins are delivered clean, fully lined and are designed to meet all safety requirements. Our waste bins are treated according to the standards set by E.P.A. Once collected they are transported using specially designed vehicles to an approved E.P.A. facility and are disposed of. The frequency of medical waste collection can be daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or at a frequency to suit every client’s requirements.  We have been particularly successful at tailoring medical waste removal from a dentist and medical clinics generating smaller volumes of hazardous medical waste and where a more customised service is needed for the medical waste disposal and medical waste management.

Cylindrical 50 Litre Clinical Waste Bins

36 Litre Clinical Waste Bin

Hands Free Clinical Waste Bins

Clinical Waste – Wheelie Bins