Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

A fully compliant service for the safe containment and licensed disposal of pharmaceutical waste including: patient-returned medicines, pharmaceutical products and controlled drugs.


Pharmaceutical waste is a type of medical waste that includes: out of date pharmaceutical stock, controlled drugs destruction kits, cytotoxic and cytostatic waste, over-counter chemical products, recalled stock and patient-returned medicines. Because of the risks to people and the environment, pharmaceutical waste cannot be disposed of like conventional waste. It requires special handling, containment and licensed disposal, whether it comes from a Hospital, Doctors Surgery, Clinic, Nursing/Care Home, Laboratory, Pharmacy or Drug Manufacturer. Chemicals in products like sunscreen, shampoos, and soaps can also cause environmental damages, especially when they are released on a large scale.

Pharmaceutical waste collection service

All Medical Waste  provide a fully compliant, traceable and reliable pharmaceutical waste disposal collection service. Suitable, compliant containers for the secure containment and transportation of pharmaceutical waste can be provided. The waste collection can be scheduled at a time and frequency to suit your business and minimise disruption. Each of our operatives are fully trained in the handling of all types of medical waste.

For large volumes of pharmaceutical waste and products for destruction, a dedicated Account Manager can visit your premises to assess the waste and provide the safest, compliant and cost-effective disposal solution. To protect you brand we can provide a Certificate of Destruction and/or a witnessed destruction service. All pharmaceutical waste is disposed of via incineration at a licensed treatment facility.


All Medical Waste Australia understands that when we handle your waste, we’re also entrusted with your reputation and your safety. Your waste is our responsibility and we pride ourselves on offering only the most cost-effective, legally compliant and environmentally sound solutions.