X-Ray Waste Disposal

Services designed for the safe collection and disposal of waste X-Ray films & X-Ray fixer and developer chemicals.

All Medical Waste offers a recycling service for unwanted x-rays and developer and fixer from hospitals, medical, chiropractors, dentist and veterinary facilities. All Medical waste can provide dedicated 120-litre and 240-litre bins for x-ray recycling. Our white bins with black lids can be locked for protecting patient confidentiality.


X-ray films contain silver in the form of halides, which are extracted and converted into pure silver. Developer and fixer can be collected in 15-litre containers which will be screened and filtered to recover precious metals. The remaining liquid component is then processed through a licensed facility. For the safety of your staff and customers, these fluids must not be mixed and we provide separate containers that are clearly labelled to ensure correct segregation.


As part of our commitment to offering a sustainable and environmentally conscious service, all x-ray films and all x-ray fixer and developer collected by us is sent for recovery and recycling wherever possible. Our service ensures that your waste is dealt with safely, legally and in the most environmentally effective way possible.