Cytotoxic Waste Disposal

What is Cytotoxic Waste?

Cytotoxics are the most hazardous of the pharmaceutical wastes. They are capable of impairing, injuring or killing cells and many have a direct irritant effect upon skin, eyes, mucous membranes and other tissue. They can cause local toxic and/or allergic reactions. They need to be handled very carefully as even very small quantities can be hazardous.


These wastes have special handling, packaging and disposal requirements. Cytotoxic waste must be packaged inside, puncture resistant, leak proof purple containers. All cytotoxic waste, including contaminated sharps, must be segregated and identified by colour.


All Medical waste offers a large range of cytotoxic containers and waste bins specifically designed for the purpose of collecting needles,syringes and other sharps objects during Cytotoxic drug administration therapy.


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