Sharps Safe Container Service

For the Safe Disposal of used Needles and Syringes in public areas & places of risk

Sharps Safe Services

Our company is a specialist provider of sharps safes services.




All Medical Waste Australia provides metal wall-mounted sharps containers for security and safe sharps disposal. This sharps safes service involves our trained technicians installing the metal wall-mounted sharps safe. On a scheduled service, we remove the inner sharps disposal container containing used needles & replacing it with a new inner sharp’s disposal container. The used sharps container is disposed of following sharps compliance rules set out by the State and EPA. The serving of the metal sharps safes can be arranged for various frequencies that meet the client’s needs.


Sharps compliance, covering the provision and servicing of needles safes and disposal of the content is a significant health and safety issue placing responsibilities on all parties concerned. By choosing to partner with All Medical Waste Australia, we can assist with meeting sharps compliance responsibilities.

1.5mm STEEL SECURITY SAFES For Small, Medium & Large Capacity

Yellow Armour Powder Coated ,Hinged 1.4Lt/ 1.8Lt Steel Sharps Safe

316 Marine Grade Hinged Stainless Steel 1.4 Lt / 1.8Lt Sharps Safe