Professional Dead Animal Removal Services

Why Get Dead Animal Removal Services?

Sadly, dead animals can pose a sudden, unexpected, and messy problem for the owners of homes and businesses in and around Sydney. As soon as you notice the carcass of an expired animal on or around your own property, you should call for professional assistance with dead animal removal. The faster that you call for help, the sooner you can relax without the eyesore, smell, and even potential health hazard of a dead animal upon your property.


You should not try to handle animal corpses without professional assistance. Our Sydney dead animal removal professionals have appropriate safety equipment and training to reduce the risk of spreading diseases, bacteria, and other contamination. Expired animals may also attract other pests that see the corpse as a potential source of food, and these scavengers can be very dangerous. If you lack the proper training and equipment, you risk getting sick or injured. You also risk spreading diseases to vulnerable members of your household.


Pets and young children might be particularly curious about the sight of an expired animal, and they can be very vulnerable to contamination and the threat of live pests. Your best course of action will be to take quick action to protect property, pets, and people. Take a moment to learn how to call for a fast, safe, and professional removal of animal bodies in Sydney.

Why Call Upon Us for Removal Of Dead Animal Services?

You can call upon us here at All Medical Waste in Sydney for professional dead animal removal. We are already experienced with removing dead animals and medical waste from veterinarians and other sources, so we are more than equipped to handle these kinds of problems on your property. Besides having over a decade of experience in removing organic and medical waste, our family-owned business also prides itself on our personal and customized services.In addition to offering dead animal removal services in Sydney, we also remove medical waste and many other kinds of hazardous material. To get dead animals removed quickly and safely, call us here at 1300 389 125 . You can also find an email contact form on our Contact Us page. We are standing by to provide customized solutions to your removal problems.

The Three Main Benefits Of Our Fast Dead Animal Removal Services

There are several reasons you should call promptly for the speedy removal of dead animals by professionals, but these are the top three benefits we can provide you:

1. Minimize The Foul Stench Of The Carcass

After an animal dies, bacteria begin to spread on the body quickly. This starts to cause the animal’s tissues to break down, and as this occurs, it releases natural gasses from the body.  You will probably notice the odor quickly if the animal is inside a building. If the animal passes away outside, the smell may not be overwhelming initially, but it will get worse quickly. Many call us because they notice the foul odor of decay and natural gasses before finding the corpse. It’s OK to drop us a call as soon as you suspect there is a dead animal on your property.

Our team of professionals know how to track down the odor to the source, and then they will remove the animal’s body and the origin of the smell. Teams can visit your property, home, or business to remove the carcass and the mess safely and efficiently.

2. Reduce The Chance Of Scavengers On Your Property

Lots of local wildlife rely upon dead animals as a source of food to scavenge. The big problem is that even if you can’t smell the dead animal yet, it’s very likely that these scavengers can. You should have the dead animal removed as quickly as possible because these scavengers can be very dangerous if you try to remove their food after they have already started to feast. They can severely threaten your children, your pets, and even you.

If you call for dead animal removal quickly, you have a better chance of avoiding the problem of scavengers. If you already see scavengers near the carcass, you can take a significant risk if you try to chase them off yourself. However, if you leave them with the corpse, the scavengers may threaten your neighbors. Removing the dead animal as quickly as possible reduces the chance of having problems with other pests. Once the pests have found your property, it can be hard to get them to leave sometimes.

3. Reduce The Chance Of Disease

You may not know why the animal died on your property. It’s possible that it was diseased. Even if it wasn’t diseased, the bacteria on the animal causing it to decompose and smell so bad could spread infections. An animal corpse on your property is a severe health risk because of the bacteria and other contaminants.

Why Call Upon All Medical Waste In Sydney For Dead Animal Removal?

Here at All Medical Waste, we are a family-owned and family-operated company. We strive to offer a personal alternative for all sorts of medical waste services. We have over 12 years of experience in this industry and over 16 years in hospital services.These years of experience mean that we have already addressed issues like yours before and know how to resolve them in a safe, fast, and friendly way. At the same time, we will address your particular problem, including dead animal removal, with a customized solution that works for you.When you have a problem with dead animals or any other sort of hazardous waste, drop us a call today. Our phone number is 1300 389 125, and you are also welcome to use the email contact form on the Contact Us Page. We are All Medical Waste Australia, and we’re standing by to help you with professional and safe dead animal removal.