Sharps Disposal

Sharps are defined as discarded objects or devices capable of cutting or penetrating the skin, e.g., hypodermic needles, Pasteur pipettes, contaminated broken glass, diabetic needle disposal units, razors, and scalpel blades. Rigid plastic items, such as broken plastic pipettes, are also classified as sharps.


All sharps have the potential to cause injury through cuts or puncture wounds. In addition, many sharps are contaminated with blood or body fluids, microbiological materials, toxic chemicals, or radioactive substances, posing a risk of infection or illness if they penetrate the skin. Therefore, it is essential to follow safe procedures when using and to dispose of sharps.


When dealing with the hazards of used injecting equipment, safety mustn’t be compromised in any way, and that’s why we only supply the best quality sharps containers which meet with the AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS ACCREDITATION – AS4031:1992.


Sharps must be placed into a sharps container as soon as possible after use. To avoid needlestick injuries, needles/syringes must not be re-capped. Sharps containers must not be filled above the marked fill line.


All Medical Waste can provide you with an extensive range of Australian-approved sharps disposal containers ranging from 1.4 liters to 60-liter capacity. These sharps disposal containers can have lockable wall-mounted storage units, mounting frames, brackets, trolleys, or free-standing baskets.

Sharps Disposal

All Medical Waste Australia will deliver and pick-up your sharps container with one phone call.