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BD 5.1 Litre Sharps Container

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The BD 5.1 Litre Sharps Container is designed for effortless disposal and top-tier safety. Its intelligent features include an automatic aperture and translucent design for easy monitoring. Pair it with the sturdy BD 5.1 Litre Lockable Wall Bracket for secure mounting.


Introducing the innovative BD 5.1 Litre Sharps Container, transforming disposal solutions. Enjoy effortless disposal with its smart counterbalanced aperture, opening automatically with one hand at the point of use. Say goodbye to overfilling concerns – once filled, the aperture securely seals shut, preventing spills. Monitor your fill level easily with the container’s translucent top and door, offering a clear view of its contents. Trust the safety handle for transport to keep your hands away from the collector’s body. Elevate your disposal process with the BD 5.1 Litre Sharps Container, combining convenience with top-tier safety.

For added convenience, consider the BD 5.1 Litre Lockable Wall Bracket for wall mounting. This sturdy bracket securely mounts your sharps container, maximizing space efficiency. Its strong locking mechanism keeps your container firmly in place, safeguarding against tampering or displacement. Built to last, it offers peace of mind in busy environments. With the Lockable Wall Bracket, confidently organize your disposal setup, ensuring your sharps container is safely anchored and ready to handle your needs reliably.

BD 5.1 Litre Lockable Wall Bracket

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Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions22 × 10 × 25 cm