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Controlled Drug Destruction Kit 250ml

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Our Controlled Drug  Destruction Kit is recognised as the securest way to denature drugs to render them safe and without value. By placing such waste in these containers, you can rest assured that it is stored correctly and safely. With 40% more capacity than the competitors, you are getting more room to dispose of your pills and unwanted medication. The bottle is 500cc and can destroy up to 500 pills. The opening of our medication disposal system is 14 cm x 9 cm x 5 cm, making it very easy to insert your pills. This prescription drug disposal system is effective for home and clinical use.

4 Easy Steps – Fill medication as needed to the blue line on side of the bottle (do not fill pass blue line) . Fill w/ warm water to the orange line. Secure the lid TIGHTLY, and shake vigorously for 10 sec.

Prevents Drug Abuse – by eliminating access to unused or expired prescriptions, there is less chance to do harm. (Do not dispose down the toilet) Meets all Federal/ State drug disposal guidelines.

Unused or expired drug prescriptions is a public safety hazard that can lead to poisoning, misuse or overdose. This proper and easy pill disposal solution saves lives and protects the environment.

The RX Pill Disposal uses Bentonite Clay, which degrades and deactivates medicine by interacting with the chemicals through an absorption process combined with a sodium polymer.

After The Medication Disposal – the pills will be degraded and encapsulated into a viscous gel. The whole kit should subsequently be disposed of in the relevant waste bin.




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